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Empreses i particulars ens donen els seus equipaments antiquats
Ens ajudes votant i fent eco de les iniciatives i del moviment
I nosaltres donem els equipaments a les iniciatives

Projectes socials

8 votes to reach level 3

37 votes to reach level 5

5 votes to reach level 1

Vols rebre notícies sobre aquesta iniciativa o altres temes relacionats amb XSR al teu correu electrònic? Subscriu-te ara a la nostra llista de correu!

We grant the electronic devices to projects that make our world a better place

Why do we need your votes? We have a limited quantity of devices and no right to decide which project is more valuable. However, if you vote, we'll be able to know which project will have the most impact and we'll give this project more devices.

And if you spread the word about a projects, aside from helping it, more companies and individuals will know about us and we'll be able to reach them further and further away.

We also want your old devices! Don't throw them away or recycle them, reuse them.

Un projecte desenvolupat amb amor.

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